Thursday, May 31, 2012

How can you choose a blog title

There are three simple rules to follow, select the name of the blog:

1) A description of the blog: It is likely that many people see the link to your blog before it is actually possible to see (search engines, for example). Guess what if you find only in name, they will understand what a blog is more than to have a look.

2) Easy to remember: Let's blog about cycling, fitness and health tips in general. Calling it The Cycling, Fitness and Health General Information blog. A provides a fairly comprehensive description of the blog, but also easy to remember? It is a name only.

3) Have the same domain:  This policy is often ignored by people, probably because the search is not registered for a suitable domain is a difficult task. Moreover, if the domain name is not likely with the name of the blog readers lose some along the way. When people link to visit the blog, they just read the name of your blog. If they re-side a few days later decided to give it just the name, followed by a dot com. If they find when they enter a blog, simply go elsewhere.

10 ideas from blog posts

If you ideas for blog posts here is a list of new creative juices flowing taas.Parasta is certainly a good idea to get the amount of traffic and links, it is hard work. Enjoy!

1.Top 10 list: those who never used the internet age!

2.Top 100 List: If you have a good top 10, top 100 awe-inspiring, if any, they attract links.

3.Interviews: helping to build relationships, and traffic to the other people left.

4.Group interviews, why not interview a group of people at the same time? More than one answer to both questions will improve the mail.
5.Awards: car, we blog. Why not create a "top 10 automotive resources Year 2011" Award? Respond to the hole and spread your ideas!

6.Statistics: People love facts and figures. Why not collect and publish them in your report?

7.Guide and tutorial: Teach For some people, and they certainly appreciate it, and disseminate information on its contribution.

8.The best: approaching the end of the year, so why not have "_________ Best of 2011" list for your blog?
9.YouTube Video: YouTube is so popular because people love the video. Why do not you get the best collection of YouTube videos related to your niche publishing and blogging?

10.Favorite Books: How to post the best books related to your niche? Use the Amazon affiliate link and you can get money for your well!